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More thanroads inthe future
In the coming four-year period the NVF will no longer limit its activities to
the road sector, even though the organisation’s name remains unchanged.
TEXT: Henriette Erken Busterud ILLUSTRATION: Kyrre Wedvik/Statens vegvesen
n order to keep up with the times, we
need to broaden our perspective and
include other transport modes. The
NVF Board has adopted this policy in
its new strategic plan. Several committees
are already working on topics that make this
change sensible – for instance, ITS, bridges
and tunnels,’ says Marit Due Langaas of the
Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
She will serve as NVF Secretary when Nor-
way takes over the chairmanship of the or-
‘TheBoardhas alsodiscussed
the question of language.We will continue to
use the Scandinavian languages as much as
possible. But in order to share experience, it
is essential to understand what is being said.
So English can be used when it is needed:
No one should feel left out due to language
differences. We also want to recruit younger
members, and should take into consideration
the fact that many younger people in both
Finland and Iceland are more comfortable
using English than Danish, Swedish or Nor-
wegian. In addition, there are a number of
countries and organisations outside the Nor-
dic region that want to stay informed about
NVF activities, so we will have more English
on our website than pre-
viously,’ Ms Due Langaas
Realistic ambitions.
Due Langaas advises the
committees to choose a
suitable level of ambi-
‘Some of the committee meetings have been
poorly attended, and we want to limit the
amount of extra work and travel required of
committee members. The committees are
primarily a forum for communication and
networking, where members can share their
experience, expertise and methods. There is
no need to launch an R&D project or devote a
lot of time to writing reports. There’s more to
begained fromorganisingopenmeetings and
seminars that non-members can also attend.’
‘Getting together to become acquainted is im-
portant. But instead of everyone travelling to
meetings twoor three times ayear, organising
virtual meetings can be just as useful. With
members from 320 enterprises and organisa-
tions, internet-based systems are indispensa-
High expectations.
When asked about
her expectations for Via Nordica, Ms Due
Langaas replies: ‘Our Icelandic hosts have
put together an exciting programme in a
fabulous building. I’m looking forward to
meeting both old and new members and
anticipate many interesting discussions
and presentations. And of course, I hope
that the sun will shine on multitudes of
enthusiastic participants!’
Norway next.
‘Iceland has held the chair-
manship of the NVF during the past four-
year period, for the first time since the or-
ganisation was founded in 1935. I would
like to thank them for having discharged
this responsibility in a superb manner.
And now, we in Norway are looking for-
ward to welcoming everyone to the next Via
Nordica, whichwill be held on 6–8 June 2016
in Trondheim. We aim to stage an exhilarat-
ing event both professionally and socially
in this hub of technology and higher educa-
tion in central Norway,’ says the new NVF
Secretary, who is eager to see how well the
Nordic voice will be heard in an ever more
globalised world.
In order to keep upwith the times, we need to broaden
our perspective and include other transportmodes.
Marit Due Langaas, Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Marit Due Langaas
See you at the next ViaNordica in
Trondheim, Norway, 6–8 June 2016