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Monday, June 11
Exhibition open – Exhibition area 1st floor
Exhibition open
Opening ceremony
Hreinn Haraldsson, the chairman of the Nordic Road Association, will open the congress. Ögmundur Jónasson, the Minister of
interior, Jean-François Corté Secretary General of PIARC and Skirmantas Skrinkas Chairman of BRA will address the congress.
Plenary session 1,
Where in the world is common sense? – Politics and road authorities
Gunnar Wetterberg – Páll Skúlason – Discussions.
How are decisions made, who makes them and why. The Swedish historian
Gunnar Wetterberg will be going over the golden ages of the Nordic countries and how the development of roads annd transport
can lead to a new golden age. Professor Páll Skúlason will talk about the best methods for improving decision making. The session
will conclude with a discussion between Gunnar and Páll, Ögmundur Jónasson, Minister of the Interior, Ingemar Skogö former
Director General of Swedish road administration and Professor Elizabeth Deakin, UC Berkely, USA.
Official opening of exhibition – Exhibition area 1st floor
Silfurberg A
Silfurberg B
Session 1-1
Session 1-2
Session 1-3
Session 1-4
Road pavements
R&D prize comptetition
(contributors’ results)
Projects that are competing for
the 2012 Road pavements prize
will be introduced. The winner
will be announced at the end
of the congress.
Building with total awareness
– New competence
Case studies on major bridge
projects involving increased
awareness. Follow-up of
adoption of new European
standards. Research results of
life-cycle aware design.
Information systems – ICT
On the way to smart
e-services – From road
and traffic data through
standardization to smart
What is required to make
smart e-services work most
effectively? The importance
of information as a basis for
decision making when serious
events occur. What framework
is required for services? Politics
and norms. The importance
of the most up-to-date
information and its quality.
Presentation of a new shortfilm
focusing on this question.
Strategic planning
Planning of cross border
Collaboration in the field of
cross-border transport
between Nordic countries with
an emphasis on infrastructures
and their role. Two projects will
be examined, the Öresund
bridge and the Haparanda-
Tornio project, ten years
before and ten years after their
construction. The impact of
these infrastructures on the
community will be examined,
as well as the pros and cons of
collaboration between
Coffee break
Plenary session 2,
Road traffic goes greener
Jacques Marmy – Lars Stenqvist – Thorsteinn Hermannsson – Ásgeir Ívarsson.
Experts from the road transport industry will
discuss the future framework in road transport. Jacques Marmy, head of technical affairs in the International Road Transport Union
(IRU) will talk about the reduction of CO
emissions from heavy vechicles. Senior vice president Lars Stenqvist, Scania, will talk about
in what context the future of vehicle development should continue. Þorsteinn R. Hermannsson transportation engineer and Ásgeir
Ívarsson chemical engineer from Mannvit Engineering, will talk about efficient measures to decrease private vehicle emissions in a
local context.
Program – Monday
All Plenary sessions will be held in English. Parallel sessions in Eldborg and
Norðurljós will be held in English. Paralell sessions in Silfurberg A and B will be
held in Scandinavian language with simultaneous translation into English.
Program – Sunday
Sunday, June 10
The Exhibition is located on the
1st and 2nd floor
Gala dinner
Ticket and the number of your table for the
Gala dinner should be in your participant kit
– if not please contact the Congress Hospitality
desk on 2nd floor.
Internet access / café
Wireless internet access is available in
Harpa and is free of charge. Internet café
is located in exhibition area on 1st floor.
A buffet lunch for all registered participants and
exhibitors is served in the Exhibition area 1st
floor on Monday June 11, Tuesday June 12 and
Wednesday June 13
Professional Congress Organizer – PCO
Congress Reykjavík, Conference Management
Services Ltd. is the official organizing agency –
PCO, for the congress.
The address is:
Congress Reykjavik,
Engjateigur 5, IS-105 Reykjavík,
tel: +354 585 3900,
Registration and Hospitality Desk
Congress Reykjavík is in charge of the
registration, accommodation bookings and social
Opening hours:
Sunday, June 10
14:00 – 18:00
Monday, June 11
08:00 – 17:00
Tuesday, June 12
08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday, June 13
08:00 – 17:00
Imma (+354 897 5599), Tobba ( +354 862 4752)
Lára (+354 896 6075) Bryndís (+354 696 5169)