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The Sotra Connection is to provide long-term safe and efficient mobility for all road user groups, and pave the way for further growth and regional development.

Public transport is to have at least as good terms as car traffic, and it is to offer travellers a high standard of transport. Efficient and safe facilities for pedestrians and cyclists are to be established between Sotra and Bergen.

The new Sotra Connection will be organised as a PPP project. This means that the NPRA will be contracting one company that will be responsible for design, construction and financing, as well as for operation and maintenance for 25 years.

Today’s Sotra connection is a two-lane road with an AADT of 30 000. The road is vulnerable, with today's bridge being the only access to Øygarden municipality
The new road system will have a new four-lane motorway with separate lanes for public transport, pedestrian and cycle paths. The project includes 9 km of four-lane highway, a new Sotra Bridge, 38 smaller bridges and other structures.
A new Sotra connection will open up bottlenecks and constitute a major improvement for road users, businesses and emergency response services in the municipalities of Øygarden and Bergen.

Rv 555 Sotra Connection is so far the largest individual contract within transport and communications in the history of Norway, with an investment value of NOK 10 billion. The contract will be signed in 2021 and the construction work will start in the same year. Construction time is estimated to take five years.