Statens vegvesen (The Norwegian Public Road Administration) is preparing detailed development plans for a safe and effective two-way bike lane linking Forus business area with both Stavanger and Sandnes city centres.

The planning period is set from 2012–2018.

The aim of the bikeway project is to transfer work journeys from car to bike, as a solution to the growing congestion problems in the expansive Stavanger-Sandnes region.

Stretch by strech

Statens vegvesen has divided the planning – and thus the building of the bikeway – into separate stretches. While some stretches are still being planned, the stretch at the north end is already being built as a part of the Ryfast tunnel project. The construction there started February 2014.

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The longest is the stretch from Sørmarka in Stavanger to Smeaheia in Sandnes. The plan for this part was politically approved by the two municipalities in December 2014/January 2015.

The entire express bikeway will possibly be completed in 2018. Statens vegvesen (Dept. of transport), in cooperation with Stavanger and Sandnes city councils, is responsible for planning and building the express bikeway.