Congestion is expected to peak from first quarter 2016 through first quarter 2017. Main tunnels on Ring 3 (Ring road 3) will be at 50% capacity during this period. From June 2017 the upgrade activities are moved to the Opera tunnel system.

Both through traffic and traffic going in and out of Oslo is affected. At times long queues are expected. Travellers entering Norway by car, as well as commercial drivers are advised to allow for longer travel times.

List of tunnels to be upgradedList of tunnels to be upgraded

The Tunnel Project

In total 10 of the Oslo tunnels are undergoing various repair and upgrade. After the upgrade, the tunnels are fitted with new lightning, airflow-systems, camera surveillance-systems, groundwater rinsing-systems and frost-isolation. The tunnels are also upgraded with new systems for fire extinguishing, better and more secure ceilings and new more robust layers of asphalt. 

Roadwork in the newer tunnels such as Svardalstunnelen and Operatunnelen is less demanding; these tunnels are closed only at night during 2017 – 2019.

Living in Oslo?

People living in Oslo are on a general basis advised to consider public transport, bicycles or walking instead of private cars. Experiences from Smestadtunnelen shows commuters in Oslo are highly adaptable. Many citizens have changed their commuting-habits, allowing for smoother traffic during the tunnel-rehabilitation.



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