The project includes:

  • Lepsøy bridge, 800 m long high bridge from Skjeltene on the mainland over the shipping lane to the sea filling by Lauka and Hestøya. The bridge has been designed with both concrete and steel.
  • 2 medium sized bridges, 100 m and 200 m long, towards Lepsøya.
  • Haramsfjord tunnel, from Hestøya–Austnes length 3 500 m.
  • Nogvafjord tunnel, from Longva at Flemsøya–Fjørtofta, length 5 730 m.
  • Road and sea filling over Lepsøyrevet, total length 2 735 m.
  • Fjørtoftfjord tunnel, from Fjørtofta–Myklebust at Harøya, length 3 680.
  • Environment tunnel at Fjørtofta, length 170 m.
  • New road over Fjørtofta.