Our employees, suppliers/contractors and the general public may report matters safely and securely through our whistleblower system.

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Input or complaint?

Do you wish to complain about, or have input regarding snow clearing, road salting, signposting, speed limits, road standard, speed cameras, choice of road alignments or a decision by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA)? Use our contact form to contact us.

What can you report through the whistleblower system?

It is your own decision whether or not to give us your personal data. You may submit your report anonymously.

The system is intended for the reporting of:

  • Wrongdoings or dangerous situations in the NPRA and in activities and tasks performed by other parties on behalf of the NPRA. Such as, corruption, fraud or other financial misconduct, violations of laws, rules and regulations, breaches of safety routines and threats to health and safety, working conditions in violation of the Working Environment Act and unacceptable case processing.
  • Anti-social and criminal activity related to traffic users and vehicles where the NPRA is not party to the situation. Such as non-approved garages/repair shops, illegal driving schools, illegal alteration/rebuilding of vehicles, cheating on theory tests, cargo crime, and illegal activity in the transport business.

We also recommend using our whistleblower system if you are employed or hired by the NPRA and wish to report wrongdoings or dangerous situations in the NPRA.

Who handles whistleblower cases?

Reports are received and processed by the NPRA Internal Auditing. You can choose for your report to be received by employees in the law firm PwC, for example if your report concerns the top management of the NPRA or employees in Internal Auditing.

Reports regarding anti-social and criminal activity related to road users and vehicles where the NPRA is not a party to the situation will be handled by the Counter-Fraud Unit in the Directorate of Public Roads.

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