The theory test for moped (Categories AM146 and AM147) and snowmobile (Category S) is the final test, and no practical driving test is required. The application for a driving licence must be approved and mandatory training must be carried out and registered in our systems before you can take the theory test in these categories. You can check this on Your page.

The questions in the theory test have only one correct answer each, and you will have several alternatives to choose from. You will find more about the contents of the theory test in the attached lists of topics.

The table below shows the maximum time allowed for answering the questions, the number of questions, and the minimum requirement for a pass grade.

Theory tests in the different categories
CategoryVehicleTime (min)Number of questionsRequired number of correct answers
A1Light motorcycle904034
A2Medium heavy motorcycle904034
BPassenger car/Van904538
C1Light lorry753025
CELorry with trailer1203025
AM1473 and 4-wheeled moped603025
UEmergency vehicle602521
Professional driver training, CPC for Passenger transport and Goods transport
CategoryTime (min)Number of questionsRequired number of correct answers
YSKFPPassenger transport1205042
YSKUPExtension from Goods to Passenger transport602521
YSKFGGoods transport1205042
YSKUGExtension from Passenger to Goods transport602521