Here you can see the maximum time allowed for the theory test, the number of questions, and the minimum requirements for a pass grade.

During the theory test, you can choose from several alternative answers for each question. Only one of the alternatives is correct. You will find more about the contents of the theory test in the topic lists at the bottom of the page.

What languages are the theory test available in?

You can take the theory test for all categories in Norwegian. Some classes are also available in other languages:

  • Category B: Nynorsk, Northern Sámi, English, Sorani, Arabic (MSA) and Turkish
  • Categories AM 146 and T: Nynorsk
  • Category AM 147, A1, A2 and A: Nynorsk and English
  • Categories C1, C, CE, D1 and D; Nynorsk
  • Category S: Nynorsk and Norther Sámi

The theory test for the moped and snowmobile categories

For the licence categories moped (AM) and snowmobile (S) the theory test is the final test. You do not need to take a practical test.

Before you take the theory test, the following must be true:

  • You must have applied for a driving licence, and your application must have been approved.
  • You must have completed your mandatory training, and it must be registered in our systems.

You can see whether your application has been approved and your training registered under Your applications on Your page.

Theory tests in the different categories
Category Vehicle Time (min) Number of questions Required number of correct answers
A1 Light motorcycle 90 40 34
A2 Medium heavy motorcycle 90 40 34
A Motorcycle 90 40 34
B Passenger car/Van 90 45 38
C1 Light lorry 75 30 25
C Lorry 120 45 38
CE Lorry with trailer 120 30 25
D Bus 120 45 38
D1 Minibus 75 30 25
AM146 Moped 60 30 25
AM147 3- and 4-wheeled moped 60 30 25
U Emergency vehicle 60 25 21
T Tractor 90 45 38
S Snowmobile 60 30 25
Professional driver training, CPC for Passenger transport and Goods transport
Category Time (min) Number of questions Required number of correct answers
YSKFP Passenger transport 120 50 42
YSKUP Upgrade from Goods to Passenger transport 60 25 21
YSKFG Goods transport 120 50 42
YSKUG Upgrade from Passenger to Goods transport 60 25 21
  Taxi driver 60 35 29