Here you can see in what countries you can use your Norwegian driving licence.

In which countries can you use your Norwegian driving licence?

The EEA driving licence models (credit card format) are valid in all EU/EEA countries. 

In which countries outside the EU/EEA can you use your Norwegian driving licence?

Several countries accept the EEA models, but in some countries, you may need an international driving licence in addition to your regular driving licence. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration recommends that you contact the authorities in the country in question, or the country’s embassy in Norway, to find out what rules apply.

An international driving licence is a translation of the driving entitlements in a national driving licence into a number of languages. It is a grey book with white pages in A6 format.

How do you obtain an international driving licence?

You can obtain an international driving licence by contacting the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) (in Norwegian), the Royal Norwegian Automobile Club (KNA)(in Norwegian) or the Norwegian Abstaining Motorists Association (MA) (in Norwegian).