From what non-EU/EEA countries do we exchange driving licences?

Driving licences from the UK

You can exchange your British driving licence for a Norwegian driving licence according to the rules that apply to driving licences from EEA countries. This applies even if your driving licence was issued after the UK left the EU.

Driving licences from countries that are not in the list

If you have a full driving licence from a non-EU/EEA country that is not on the list above, you have to obtain your driving licence in the same manner as Norwegian first-time appliers. You are exempt from some parts of the basic traffic course, but you do have to complete the compulsory night driving instruction, first aid and behaviour in the event of an accident.

How do you exchange a foreign driving licence?

When you apply for an exchange of a foreign driving licence, you have to go to a driver and vehicle licensing office or submit your application by post. In both cases, you have to submit a completed application form, the original driving licence and documentation of when you took up normal residence or moved back to Norway. If you are entitled to a temporary driving permit when you submit the application, you have to present valid proof of identity.

If you have moved to Norway from a country outside the EU/EEA, you must present a residence certificate (bostedsattest) as documentation of when you took up normal residence in Norway. You can order the residence certificate from the Norwegian Tax Administration.

The deadline for exchange is calculated from the date when you took up normal residence. If you have received more than one residence permit without having lived in other countries in the meantime, you have to present the first residence permit.

If you obtained the driving licence abroad after you were registered with normal residence in Norway, you have to document that you had either normal residence in the country that issued the driving licence at the time it was issued, or that you obtained your driving licence during a period of study that lasted for at least six months.

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