You can obtain a CPC for Drivers of Emergency Vehicles if you have training and professional experience from another EEA country or Switzerland.

You can apply to have your emergency response qualifications approved, and have code 160 entered on your driving licence.

For this, education and work in another EEA state or Switzerland must have given you qualifications corresponding to a Norwegian CPC for Drivers of Emergency Vehicles.

How to apply

Download: Application form for approval of emergency driving qualifications from another EEA country (PDF, Norwegian only)

Fill in the application form and attach the following documents to your application:

  • Relevant Certificate of Professional Competence / Driver Qualification Card
  • Documentation of relevant work experience with emergency response operations
  • Health certificate showing that you meet the health requirements for driving licence group 3 and CPC
  • Confirmation of work that requires you to drive an emergency vehicle in Norway
  • Copy of valid driving licence (both front and back)

All attachments except the health certificate must be certified copies of the originals. Certified copy here means a copy of the original document that is certified (stamped and signed) by, for example, a public institution. The health certificate must be in the original.

You need to have sufficient Norwegian language skills to be able to exercise your profession in a satisfactory and safe manner. Your employer is obligated to ensure that your language skills are sufficient. Decisions and any compensation measures will be presented in Norwegian.

Processing of your application

Your application will be processed in two stages:

  • Assessment of whether your qualifications can be approved: This will include an assessment of your competence certificates / qualification cards, relevant work experience and valid driving licence.
  • Assessment of whether a CPC can be issued to you: You need an approved health certificate and employment or voluntary work that requires you to drive an emergency vehicle during emergency response in Norway.

If your application is approved, you will have code 160 entered on your Norwegian driving licence. If you are not a resident of Norway you will receive confirmation of your approved competence, from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) for Drivers of Emergency Vehicles