• Improve conditions for business and industry
  • Improve public transport services
  • Mobility
  • Travel time
  • Traffic safety

Over the last 10–15 years there has been a strong increase in traffic between Sotra and Bergen. The area has also experienced strong growth in business development and resident population. Growth is concentrated along the main connection Sotra–Bergen and along the internal north-south connection Øygarden–Fjell–Sund.

Vision Zero for traffic safety is to form the basis for this project.

Prosjektkart_NTP-sotrasambandetRv 555 Sotrasambandet – the Sotra Connection

PPP project

Rv 555 Sotrasambandet – the Sotra Connection – is one of three major road projects to be carried out as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). More information about what it means to carry out a road project as a PPP.


The Sotra Connection is given priority in the National Transport Plan for 2018–2023. Both Bergen and Fjell Municipality has adopted the zoning plan.

Tentative progress plan

  • The project was approved by the Parliament 15 of May, 2018
  • Call for tender: late 2018 / early 2019
  • Signing of contract: 2020
  • Completion new rv. 555: 2024


Estimate of NOK 10 billion (2018)

Main volumes

  • New 9.4 km 4-lane section of the Rv 555 plus 0.7 km of the Fv 562 (Askøyvegen)
  • Approx. 24 km 2-lane roads/ access roads
  • 13.8 km new pedestrian/cycle path (3 metres wide), of which 7.8 km cycle path with pedestrian pavement (5 metres wide).
  • New 4-lane Sotra Bridge, suspension bridge, 29.5 metres wide, 954 metres long, main span 592 metres. Separate pedestrian path and separate cycle lane (5 metres wide). Bridge towers 144 metres high.
  • 19 other bridges
  • 11 overpasses/underpasses and 21 tunnel portals
  • 6 two-level intersections
  • A total of approx. 11 km rock tunnels
    • The Kolltveit Tunnel , approx. 950 metres long
    • The Straume Tunnel, approx. 850 metres long
    • The Knarrvika Tunnel approx. 750 metres long
    • The Drotningsvik Tunnel, including junction(s) in tunnel and ramps to Drotningsvik, approx. 2000 metres long
    • The Harafjell Tunnel, reconstruction .
    • 3 tunnels for pedestrians/cyclists; Janahaugen, Kiplehaugen and Harafjellet.
    • Involves two municipalities, Bergen and Fjell.
    • Two zoning plans, one for Bergen and one for Fjell.
    • AADT Sotra Bridge currently 22,700. Estimate for 2024: 26,000.
    • AADT into the planning area currently 36,300. Estimate for 2024:42,200