A guide to how to import and register a vehicle.

Import of vehicles is an interaction between you as an importer, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the Norwegian Tax Administration and the Norwegian Customs. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is responsible for the approval and registration of vehicles in Norway. The customs authorities are responsible for collecting customs duties on the vehicle. The tax authorities are responsible for collecting fees related to the vehicle.

For questions related to customs, you must contact the Norwegian Customs. For questions related to fees, you must contact the Tax Administration.


It’s important to remember that the vehicle always needs to have valid insurance. It is a criminal offense to use a vehicle without valid insurance.

Import, step by step

Before import to Norway

The vehicle needs to be approved through a technical inspection at one of our Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices (DVLOs). We recommend you contact one of our DVLOs to determine what technical requirements applies for the vehicle in order for it to be approved in Norway.

Find a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office | Statens vegvesen

Arrival at the Norwegian border

Use the serviced border crossing and declare your arrival in the red zone.

If the Customs authorities abroad has not already issued a transit document (a customs document that gives you permission to use the foreign-registered vehicle from the Norwegian border to your local customs office within a given time limit), the Customs at the border will issue this.

The customs office where you are to clear the vehicle in Norway is stated in the transit document. Valid foreign identification numbers (license plates/number plates) can be used until you arrive at this customs office, if the vehicle is insured.

Order temporary number plates

You can use vehicles imported from abroad in Norway with foreign number plates for up to 30 days after the vehicle has been cleared through customs, or until the vehicle is individually approved by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Then the vehicle must have valid number plates, vehicle cards and insurance.

If the vehicle does not have valid foreign number plates, vehicle cards or insurance, it can only be used if it has valid temporary number plates.

Read more about temporary numberplates at our website: Order temporary number plates | Statens vegvesen

Customs clearance and pay value added tax at the Norwegian Customs

Within a given deadline, you must report to the customs office where you are to clear the vehicle. The deadline is normally 1-3 days after you arrive in Norway. If the deadline is not met, the Customs may impose additional fees.

You must pay value added tax (VAT) and any tax on greenhouse gas for the vehicle. This is called customs clearance even if you do not pay customs. After customs clearance, the Customs authorities will hand over the registration card (form NA-0221).

Approve the vehicle

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration's traffic stations approve vehicles that are brought into the country after it has been cleared through customs and VAT has been paid.

The vehicle must be approved before the one-off fee and the wreck deposit fee can be calculated by the Tax Administration. All vehicles that are imported must be approved by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration before registration on Norwegian number plates.

The price for an appointment varies depending on the type of vehicle control. You will find an overview of costs for various controls when you book an appointment online or contact a traffic station/DVLO.

Most traffic stations have appointments for individual approval of vehicles. Here you can book an appointment online: Bestill kjøretøykontroll | Statens vegvesen (in Norwegian only).

Pay the one-off fee

Once you have had the vehicle approved at the traffic station, you must pay the one-off fee and the scrap deposit tax to the Tax Administration before we can register the vehicle.


Once the vehicle has been approved, it must be registered at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon).

To avoid waiting time at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office, book an appointment for the registration.

Documents that must be submitted:

The foreign vehicle card

If the foreign vehicle card consists of 2 parts (EU model), both parts must be handed in. The requirement to submit a foreign vehicle card applies regardless of the country from which the vehicle is imported. When importing from countries outside the EU / EEA, the ownership must be documented by a public document.

The registration card (form NA 0221)

The registration card must be stamped by the Customs or an approved freight forwarder.

It must be signed by the owner or person with a valid power of attorney.


Valid identification is required for personal owners and co-owners.

We accept driver's licenses, passports and other identification issued by public authorities and which contain name, birth number and photo. Bank cards with birth number and photo are also accepted. For companies and other enterprises, a printout of the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities with an organization number is accepted.

When registering for the first time in Norway, you as the owner must approve the ownership. You do this when attending a traffic station in connection with the registration of the vehicle. You can also approve the ownership by logging in to our online self-service solution (if you have BankID, Buypass ID or Commfides)

In addition, you must have arranged traffic insurance. The insurance statement is transmitted electronically from the insurance company to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.