The number plate needs to contain at least two and at the most seven characters, including empty spaces. It is your responsibility to ensure that the number plates you wish to use do not cause offence or inconvenience, and that they do not infringe trademark rights. If you are uncertain whether they contain a protected trademark or a company name, you can check this at

It will only be possible to apply for personalised number plates through our online facility; applications sent by email or by post will not be processed. Payment may be made by Visa card, Mastercard or BankAxess.

You may only apply for personalised plates for passenger cars, vans, lorries and buses. In order to apply you need to be:

  • above the age of 18
  • the sole owner of the vehicle

You can only apply for personalised number plates for vehicles you yourself own, or on behalf of the company you represent. Thus you cannot apply for personalised number plates for a vehicle that you are leasing. Remember that you cannot use the company’s personalised number plates on your private vehicle, or the other way around. Both the front and rear number plates must be of standard size.

If you wish to use a personalised number plate on a veteran/vintage vehicle, you need to contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to register the size of the licence plates on the vehicle. Please note that there must be room for standard-sized plates both in the front and rear of the vehicle

Apply for personalised number plates

When you have found an available number plate character combination, you may apply for the right of use. This costs NOK 9 000 and you will have the right of use for the plate number for ten years.

As soon as your application has been processed, a reply will be sent to your digital postbox, informing you whether it has been granted or rejected. Processing your application may take up to 3 months.

Pay and order

If your application is granted you will have 30 days to pay NOK 9 000 for the right of use for the number plates. You can pay with Visa card, Mastercard, BankAxess or Vipps.  When you have paid for your personalised plate number, you will not be able to change the character combination or have the paid amount refunded. If you do not pay within the due date, the combination of characters will be released, and others may apply for it.

As soon as payment has been made, you can order the plates on Your page.

Collect the number plates at a Driver and Vehicle Registration Office

We will notify you either by telephone or by email when you can collect your number plates. It takes up to 14 days to manufacture the number plates.

When you present yourself at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office you will need to show valid proof of identity and documentation showing that you have an electronic payment unit with a payment contract for this vehicle. Together with the number plates you will be provided with documentation of your right of use for these plates. This documentation is to be carried in the vehicle at all times while on the road.

How do you use personalised number plates?

Before you can use your personalised number plates, you must link it to your vehicle on Your Page. You can also do this by visiting a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

You remain in possession of your ordinary number plates also after receiving your personalised number plates. Personalised and ordinary number plates may not be used simultaneously. If you are going to drive in other countries than Norway, Sweden and Denmark, we recommend that you change to ordinary number plates.

If you wish to use your personalised number plates on a different vehicle, you can make this change on Your page. You must remove the link to the first vehicle before you can link the personalised plate number to the new vehicle. Remember that the new vehicle needs a toll payment tag.

You are not permitted to resell your number plates to someone else. If you are going to sell your vehicle, you must remember to remove the link to the personalised number plates. You retain the right of use for the personalised number plates and may use it on another vehicle.

You hold the right of use for ten years

This means that nobody else can apply for these number plates during that period of time. If after ten years you wish to retain the right of use for the plates, you may apply for a renewal at the earliest three months before, and at the latest one month before, the date of expiry of you right of use.