If you chip tune the engine in your vehicle, you have to present the vehicle to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) for approval.

If your vehicle has been chip tuned without subsequently obtaining approval from the NPRA, it is illegal to use the vehicle and its number plates may be removed by law enforcement if you are pulled over for inspection. The person using the vehicle is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is in proper and prescribed condition.

If the chiptuning is approved, you will receive a new Vehicle Registration Certificate showing the new engine power.

Chiptuning may result in illegally high emissions

Chiptuning means that the vehicle will have a new engine control unit / software that increases the engine power.

Chiptuning will in many cases result in higher emissions than what the vehicle was approved with. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration does not approve chiptuning without documentation from a publicly approved testing authority that the vehicle still meets the emission limits. Such testing authorities may be TÜV or Dekra. There are no such testing authorities in Norway.

Many companies that offer chiptuning cannot document the resulting emission levels. Chiptuning without documentation of emissions will not be approved.

Other technical requirements

For the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to approve the chiptuning, the vehicle must meet a number of requirements related to brakes, tyres, noise and emissions, among other things. The vehicle must not have a higher power output than the manufacturer has designed it for.

For further guidance, please contact your local Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon).