Do you plan on lending your car or trailer to someone else? Make sure the person you lend your car to has a driving licence for the required category.

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As the owner of the car, you are responsible for checking that the person you lend your vehicle to holds a valid driving licence for the required category.

How to search

To carry out a search you need to enter a Norwegian national ID number (or D number) and surname/family name. In order to retrieve information it is sufficient to enter the first five letters of the surname. Both companies and private individuals may use the search function.

All searches are logged, and the search will be visible to the person about whom you are searching for information. The log will be stored for one year from the search was made, and then deleted. The first time a search is made, the person about whom you are searching for information will receive an SMS about the search and how they may check their search history.

What information can you see?

  • Valid licence categories / driving entitlements (not expiry dates)
  • Restriction to automatic transmission (code 78)
  • Codes for driving entitlements
  • Driver CPC with expiry date (also expired CPCs)

Restrictions and reservations

You can only search for up to ten individuals per 24 hours. The facility retrieves valid driving licence categories (entitlements).

Information about confiscation, revocation or restrictions on driving entitlements due to medical conditions is subject to confidentiality and cannot be disclosed. Restrictions due to medical conditions are shown on the driving licence in the form of a code.

In what cases won't you find any information?

  • When the person does not have a driving licence.
  • When the licence category has expired.
  • When the driving licence has been confiscated or revoked.
  • When a valid driving licence category has restrictions due to medical conditions.
  • When the Norwegian national ID number or D number is no longer used by this person.
  • When the driving licence was not issued in Norway.
  • When the driving licence has been exchanged abroad.

What will not be displayed in this facility?

  • ADR training (dangerous goods)
  • CPC for drivers of emergency vehicles