Here you will find information about the requirements applying to car lights and the use of these.

As a driver, you need to ensure that you use the correct lights for the current light and visibility conditions.

Lamps must be securely installed and only lamps marked "E" or "e" are approved lighting equipment.

Daytime running lights

The car must have two headlamps in front with white or yellow light. As daytime running lights you may use

  • dipped (low-beam) headlights and dipped headlights with reduced voltage
  • specially approved lamps
  • fog lamps

When you use daytime running lights, it is not required that your rear lights are lit. As the driver of the car, you still need to make sure that you are using the right lights for the current light and visibility conditions. For example, when you enter a tunnel, your rear lights must be lit.  

Dipped (low-beam) headlights

The car may only have two dipped headlights. These should not provide light brighter than 0.7 lux at a height of 1.10 metres, measured 25 metres in front of the lamp.

You may use dipped headlights in combination with full-beam lights, but it is not allowed to use dipped headlights in combination with fog lamps.

Full-beam headlights

You can install as many extra full-beam lamps as you want on your car, but the installation must be symmetrical.

There is no limit to the maximum allowed brightness.

Fog lamps

The car may only have two fog lamps. During the day, you may use fog lamps as daytime running lights instead of dipped headlights. You may not use fog lamps in combination with dipped headlights.

The main rule is that fog lamps are not allowed in combination with full-beam lights. The exception is cornering at low speed (10-20 km/h).

Parking lights

The car may only have two parking lights. Parking lights should always be lit in combination with dipped headlights, fog lamps, full-beam lights and rear lights.

You must not use parking light bulbs in retrofitted lamps if the ordinary parking lights are on at the same time.

Retrofitted brake lights

All retrofitted brake lights must provide continuous light when activated.

Retrofitted brake lights that flash or may otherwise disturb other road users are not permitted.

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