"Vegvesen trafikk" ('NPRA Traffic') is a mobile app from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The app will give you access to traffic information.

Here you can download the app "Vegvesen trafikk"

What can you use the app for?

This is what you can use it for

  • Traffic alerts
    • For an area
    • For a route
    • For mountain passes
    • For a selection of roads exposed to rough weather
    • For a selection of bridges
    • For a selection of tunnels
  • Save favourites
  • See driving conditions through webcameras
  • See status for mountain passes
  • See traffic information 


If you drive a heavy vehicle

  • Overveiw of axle load restrictions
  • Legal route for your vehicle based on road use category, length and height
  • 24-h rest stops, with real-time data for some of them
  • See height restrictions in the map

Download the app today!

Mobile telephone with the app "Vegvesen trafikk" open.
The app "Vegvesen trafikk". Illustration: Statens vegvesen

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