Make sure you have a full car battery or fuel tank. Use your hazard warning lights, keep the vehicle in front in sight, and drive at an even speed.

There will always be a snow plough or a lead vehicle both in front and at the rear of a convoy. The drivers of the snow plough and lead vehicle will be in contact with each other the whole time. The driver of the snow plough may stop the convoy at regular intervals to check that everyone is there.

On days with heavy traffic there may be a long wait to join a convoy. It is therefore wise to check the traffic information and consider alternatives routes if possible.

How to prepare for driving in a convoy

Before you go, make sure your car has a fully charged battery or that its fuel tank is full. There are no petrol or charging stations on the convoy routes.

  • Keep a torch, tow rope and spade easily accessible in the vehicle.
  • It is wise to bring food and hot drink.
  • Bring warm clothing and winter shoes.

En route

At temperatures below the freezing point, allow the air conditioning system to provide the windscreen with cold air. This prevents icing.

  • Use your hazard warning lights.
  • If you have fog lamps, use them.
  • Make sure you do not lose sight of the vehicle in front of you.
  • Keep your speed as even as possible and follow the convoy.
  • Do not exit the convoy or try to turn around.

If you have to stop or if the convoy stops, do not move away from your car. This could be extremely dangerous.

Traffic safety when driving in a convoy

For the road users’ safety there are restrictions on how many can join each convoy. There cannot be more people in a convoy than a rescue team would have the capacity to recover.

Also for safety reasons, there cannot be more than one convoy on the route at the same time.

The snow-clearing crew may reject road users they understand would have problems if they were to join the convoy. For example, such road users may not have sufficiently warm clothing, or their vehicles may have technical deficiencies or inadequate tyre equipment for this kind of drive.

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