If you intend to export a Norwegian-registered vehicle for registration abroad, the original Vehicle Registration Certificates must accompany the vehicle.

As long as you have received a Vehicle Registration Certificate issued in your name, and you are still the last registered owner of the vehicle, you can order a new Vehicle Registration Certificate via Your Page, if you need it.

If part 2 of your Vehicle Registration Certificate is missing, EU/EEA member states may still approve the vehicle for registration in their country. Please note that it is up to each member state whether they wish to approve a vehicle without part 2. If so, they will contact us to receive confirmation. You may therefore in many cases be able to present a vehicle for registration in another EU/EEA member state if you have a valid Vehicle Registration Certificate part 1.

We recommend that you always contact the foreign licensing authorities in each case to find out what is required in the country in question.

Have you bought a vehicle without a Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC)?

If you do not have a VRC, you should contact the previous owner to find out if (s)he still has the VRC.

If the previous owner no longer has the Vehicle Registration Certificate, we will often be able to issue a duplicate certificate to the person or enterprise listed as the owner of the vehicle. You need to hand in the number plates to a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon) before you apply for a duplicate VRC.

You can apply for a duplicate VRC on Your Page. The duplicate VRC will be sent to the postal address registered in our Register of Motor Vehicles, within 4-7 business days. If you want us to send your duplicate VRC to a different address, you must enter this address when you order on Your Page.

If you do not have access to Your Page, you may:

If you have questions regarding the re-registration of a vehicle abroad, please check with the registration authorities in the country where the vehicle is to be registered.


We keep other EU/EEA member states informed about vehicles re-registered in Norway by a monthly routine, so that the vehicles will be deregistered in their country of origin. Similarly, by routine, we receive lists of vehicles registered in EU/EEA countries, so that these will be deregistered in Norway. If you want your vehicle to be deregistered more quickly in Norway, we recommend that you hand in the number plates for the vehicle at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

If a vehicle previously registered in Norway still has not been deregistered in Norway two months after re-registration abroad, you can send us a copy of the registration certificate or documentation confirming customs clearance/importation.

The documentation must have been issued by a foreign authority, and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and relevant case developments, including the dates of these, must be clearly identifiable in the documents. On the basis of the documentation, we may deregister the vehicle and mark it in our registers as having been exported from Norway.

If you have questions regarding deregistration due to export, please write to us by email or to our postal address.

Email address

Postal address

Statens vegvesen (Norwegian Public Roads Administration)
Postboks 1010 Nordre Ål
2605 Lillehammer

Cases are processed in the order in which they are received.

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