Here are the postal and office addresses for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA).

Postal address

Statens vegvesen
Postboks 1010 Nordre Ål
2605 Lillehammer


Office address

Directorate of Public Roads

Office address

Brynsengfaret 6A, 0667 OSLO

Our reception is staffed from 08:00 to 15:30 on weekdays.

Organisation number

Our organisation number is 971032081.

Technology Department Trondheim, NPRA Directorate of Public Roads

Office address

Abels gate 5, 7030 Trondheim

Invoices to the Norwegian Public Roads Admin­istration

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen) accepts only electronic invoices from its suppliers.

Our electronic invoicing address: 971032081

NB: The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) does not accept invoices by email!

Specific requirements for data content

The NPRA has specific requirements with regard to the following data elements:

  • Your Reference "BuyerReference"
    This element must contain the full name (or a six-letter user ID) of the invoice receiver.
  • Purchase Order Number "OrderReference/ID"
    This element must contain the purchase order number if the invoice is based on an electronic order.
  • Contract Number "ContractDocumentReference/ID"
    This element must contain the contract number that the buyer refers to.
  • Invoice Reference on credit note "BillingReference/InvoiceDocumentReference/ID"
    This element must contain the invoice number of the invoice to be credited.
  • Attachment "AdditionalDocumentReference/Attachment/EmbeddedDocumentBinar"
    Attachments must be in PDF format. The attachment must be embedded in the XML document.

How to get started

  1. Invoice production
    Find out if your invoicing system is able to produce invoices in the EHF format (Elektronisk Handelsformat). If not, you must make an adjustment, have your invoices converted to EHF at the access point, or use an invoicing portal.
  2. Contract with access point provider
    As the issuer of electronic invoices you must sign a contract with an access point provider.

    List of approved access points and contact information (in Norwegian only –
  3. Test of data quality
    We would like you to test the compatibility of your system with ours before you send an invoice electronically. Generate a test invoice in the EHF format in your system and send it as an attachment to an e-mail to . This is a data quality test and the invoice will not be paid.
  4. Send the invoice
    When we have confirmed that your data quality is acceptable, you can send the invoice through an access point. In order to make sure that we receive your invoices, the first few weeks we would appreciate it if you e-mail us at , quoting the invoice numbers of the invoices you have sent.


If you are unable to produce electronic invoices in your own accounting system, or are unable to connect to an access point, you can use an online invoicing portal. This is a facility where you can register an invoice and have it sent correctly.

Address for invoices

Statens vegvesen
Fakturamottak DFØ
Postboks 4710 Torgarden
7468 Trondheim