Everyone can request access to and correction or deletion of their personal data held by us.

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What can you request access to?

You are entitled to know what personal data we process about you. On Your Page, you can check much of the information yourself.

When you request access to personal data, you can find:

  • what specific personal data we process about you
  • from where these have been collected
  • for what purposes they have been used
  • whether they have been disclosed to anyone else, and to whom they have been disclosed.

In order to process your case we need to use our case management and filing system. This means that your request and our reply are filed, and searchable in a public journal.

The processing of personal data by the NPRA is to a large extent authorised by Norwegian statutes and their subordinate regulations. There is therefore only limited opportunity to have information deleted.

Change your registered address

If you wish to change the address that is registered for you on Your page, you have to report it to the national population register.

You can change your own contact information in the Contact and Reservation Register.

When will you receive our reply?

You will receive a reply to your digital postbox within 30 days.

In some cases we will need more than 30 days to process your request. In such cases you will receive a temporary response with the delay explained.

If you have opted out of digital communication with public authorities or requested access to personal data by post, we will send our reply by post.

If you have questions regarding your request while waiting for our reply, you can contact us by email.

Request for access by post

You can also request access, correction or deletion by sending us a request form on paper.

You will find the PDF forms on our page with forms related to personal data.

Download the appropriate form for your request and fill it in. Feel free to provide us with additional information specifying what you request access to, or wish to have corrected or deleted.

The filled-in form and an attached copy of a document with valid proof of identity should be sent by post to the NPRA Directorate of Public Roads (Statens vegvesen Vegdirektoratet).