Have you lost or damaged your Vehicle Registration Card ? Order a new one and download a temporary Vehicle Registration Card (VRC) on Your Page.

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This facility may be used by both private individuals and companies. You must be registered as the owner or co-owner of the vehicle in order to order a vehicle registration card.

When you have ordered a new VRC, you can download and print out a temporary VRC. Keep in mind that you must carry the temporary VRC in your vehicle, until you have received your new VRC.

We will send the new VRC to you by post. It takes 4-7 business days. Once you have received your new VRC, any remaining parts of your old VRC must be destroyed.

Sale and registration transfer

When a vehicle is sold, you are not required to hand in Part 2 of the VRC. However, if you submitted a Notification of Sale before 29 April 2019, and the registration transfer has not yet been completed, you need to submit Part 2 of the VRC before the vehicle can be registered to its new owner. If the VRC has been lost, the previous owner needs to report it lost. You report the loss of a VRC by filling out a Loss Notification form (PDF - In Norwegian only) and sending it to us along with a copy of your ID, using either our contact form or ordinary mail, or submitting it to a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon).

To avoid waiting time if you choose to hand in the Loss Notification form at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing office, book an appointment.

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