Certain trailers and caravans may be tested and approved for «Tempo 100».

It is the Norwegian Public Roads Administration that carries out tests and issues permits.

Approval for Tempo 100 makes it legal to pull certain trailers or caravans at up to 100 km/h. If you have a trailer that is more than four years old, it must be tested and approved for roadworthiness before you can book a test for Tempo 100 with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Trailers approved for Tempo 100 must be tested and approved for roadworthiness every two years the same way as regular passenger cars.

There are also requirements applying to the vehicle pulling the trailer. Even if the trailer has been approved for Tempo 100, you cannot drive at 100 km/h without the towing vehicle meeting these requirements.

You can check if your car and trailer can be approved for Tempo 100 using the calculator below.

As from 18 March 2024, it is possible to drive with Norwegian Tempo 100 approval in Denmark. You can also drive with Danish Tempo 100 approval in Norway if the trailer is not registered in Norway. For more information about terms and conditions, read more about international Tempo 100 schemes.

Requirements applying to the trailer and towing vehicle

The car must have ABS brakes and a maximum authorised mass of 3 500 kg or less. In addition, there are weight requirements applying to the combination of car and trailer, so that the towing vehicle will not be too light compared to the trailer. There are also requirements for equipment to ensure stable and safe driving. Brakes and shock absorbers on the trailer, stabiliser coupling between trailer and towing vehicle or electronic stability control in the car may compensate if the car is in principle too light compared to the trailer. Trailers without brakes cannot be approved for Tempo 100.

How to obtain approval for Tempo 100

1. Use the calculator below to see if your trailer can be approved and if your car can be used as a towing vehicle at 100 km/h.

2. Have your trailer tested at an approved garage or testing centre, if your trailer is more than four years old. It is important to carry out the roadworthiness test before the Tempo 100 test, since you are not allowed to drive with a Tempo 100 approved trailer without an approved roadworthiness test.

3. Book a session for a vehicle test of the trailer.

Withdrawal from the Tempo 100 scheme

If you wish to withdraw the trailer from the Tempo 100 scheme, you must book a session for reclassification to "regular trailer", in the same way as when the trailer was reclassified for Tempo 100. This is a test for which there is a charge. After the test, you will receive a new vehicle registration certificate without Tempo 100 approval.

After the reclassification, the trailer will no longer be part of the mandatory roadworthiness testing scheme. As the owner, you will still be responsible for ensuring that the trailer is in proper and prescribed condition. This means that any defects and deficiencies may be pointed out and followed up by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in the ordinary manner. However, defects or deficiencies that only relate to the Tempo 100 requirements, i.e. the age and speed index of the tyres, will not be followed up by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

International Tempo 100 schemes

There are Tempo 100 schemes also in Denmark and Germany.

You can find the appropriate test type under the menu item «Alterations — approval of vehicle modifications» and with the description «Approval for Tempo 100»

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