You can apply to us for approval if you acquired your professional qualifications for taxi service operation in another EEA country or Switzerland.

In order for us to be able to recognise your qualifications, we need to find that you meet the requirements for professional competence that are set out in Section 8 of the Professional Transport Regulations, and further described in the list of topics for the operator’s licence test for taxi service.

The requirement for professional competence is to ensure that the licence holder has sufficient knowledge to provide services of a certain minimum standard and to run taxi service operations in accordance with the rules and regulations in force in Norway. Not least, it is important to be familiar with rules related to employers' responsibilities, taxes, and consumer rights. The requirements are therefore to a large extent linked to Norwegian laws and regulations. This makes it challenging to acquire equivalent competence in other EEA countries.  

If you believe that you meet the requirements for professional competence, you can apply to have your competence approved in Norway.

Send your application, along with documentation of your competence in the form of diplomas or certificates of competence issued by public authorities in another EEA member state or Switzerland, to:

Statens vegvesen (NPRA)
Postboks 1010 Nordre Ål
2605 Lillehammer

Please quote the following on the envelope: "Application for recognition of professional competence for taxi service operation from other EEA countries".

Language requirements and translated documentation

We accept documentation in English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish. Documents issued in languages other than these must be translated into Norwegian or English. 

It must be specified in the documents who has translated them. If the submitted translations are not good enough, we may have to request a new translation.

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