The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) strives to provide a smart and continuous road transport system for all of Norway.

Travelling and transporting goods should be simple and safe.

In the years to come, the number of journeys and road users in Norway will be growing. There will be more people who walk, cycle or use public transport. In other words, there will be more people to share the road. This means that transport in the future must become more efficient, take up less space and produce less noise and pollution. The role of the NPRA is to develop smart solutions that serve this purpose to the greatest extent possible – without limiting people’s freedom to travel or restricting the transport of goods.

In this future, digital solutions will become increasingly important. New technology will help us make your everyday life easier, safer and greener. For example, this is about self-service facilities that allow you to check traffic conditions, keep your driving licence in an app, or sell your car from your mobile phone. It is also about technology that enables your car and the road to communicate directly, and that improves road safety and traffic flow. And it is about sharing road and transport data to enable others to develop reliable transport services that meet your needs as a road user and make it easy to choose environmentally friendly ways to travel.

Safe road users and vehicles

Nobody should be killed or seriously injured on Norwegian roads. This is why we set strict rules for driver training, and supervise vehicle repair shops and driving schools. And this is also why we try to eliminate dangerous vehicles and drivers through roadside inspections. When a serious accident does take place, we analyse the incident and its contributing causes, so that we can learn from it and prevent new dangerous situations.

The NPRA has a national responsibility for emergency preparedness on Norwegian roads. Our traffic control centres keep a watchful eye on what happens along our roads. This way we are able to give you information about traffic and incidents 24/7, and implement measures as required.

We look after the the big picture

A journey in Norway will often take us out on municipal and county road as well as national roads. The NPRA is responsible for developing clear rules and standard specifications for smart transport and modern road construction, and these will apply to all roads. This way we contribute to giving you a comprehensive, coherent, simple and safe transport system, regardless or who owns or operates the road.

We take care of the country's main artery

Accounting for two thirds of all traffic, our national and European roads make up the main artery in the transport system. These roads tie our country together and are essential for the country to function properly. We provide politicians with professional advice on what national and main roads should be maintained or built from scratch, and we plan, build and maintain the roads that the politicians have decided and given us the responsibility for. Together with our competent consultants and contractors, we develop smart and safe transport solutions for you - whether you walk, cycle, drive or use public transport.

This way, the NPRA ensures that everyone in Norway reaches their destination – today and in the future.

Our service to society, tasks and responsibilities