The NPRA is to develop efficient road systems that are accessible to all, and where transport does not cause serious damage to people or the environment.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) is an administrative body and a provider of national public services, subordinate to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Our mission is to develop and facilitate a comprehensive and coherent future-oriented transport system for the entire country, promoting mobility and traffic flow, reducing transport accidents and contributing to the desired transition into a low-emission society.

The NPRA is to strive to reduce the environmental impacts of construction, operation and maintenance of the road network, and to provide useful services through cost-effective use of public funds.

We have a sectoral responsibility to follow up national tasks for the entire road transport system. The NPRA serves society through our three roles:

  • as a contracting client
  • as an authoritative body
  • as an expert agency

Our vision and values

“On the road to a better society” is the NPRA’s vision.

This expresses our role in the progress and development of society. We are to develop efficient road systems that are accessible to all, and where transport does not cause serious damage to people or the environment. This contributes towards goals such as boosting business and industry, making it easier for people to take an active part in society, and improving their quality of life.

Our work is to be based on the values of being professional, forward-looking and inclusive.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration as an authority

Our tasks related to authority and administration have their legal basis in the Road Act, the Road Traffic Act, the Professional Transport Act and the ITS Act. The NPRA has the authoritative responsibility within ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) for the development of a future-oriented comprehensive and coherent road transport system. In certain fields we have the authority to adopt regulations, and we specify standard requirements for all public roads (national roads, county roads and municipal roads).

The national government and the Storting set the national goals for transport policy in Norway through the National Transport Plan. The National Transport Plan identifies investment priorities for transport policy in Norway for the next 12 years. The plan is revised every four years. The NPRA is responsible for coordinating the work to prepare the NTP planning basis. The report to the Storting on the National Transport Plan is adopted by the Storting.

The NPRA is the roads authority for national roads, and is responsible for managing, researching, planning, building, operating and maintaining national roads. We are also the licensing authority for national ferry connections and for passenger and goods transport, and allocate exclusive rights to operate national ferry connections.

Our service to society, tasks and responsibilities