The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is subordinate to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and consists of six divisions and a Directorate.

The agency is headed by the Director General of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA).

The Directorate of Public Roads is located in Oslo, while the divisions have their main offices elsewhere in Norway.

Road Users and Vehicles (Arendal)

NPRA Road Users and Vehicles is the division responsible for exercising authority and administering rules and regulations for road users and vehicles.

Transport and Society (Trondheim)

NPRA Transport and Society has the executive responsibility for the tasks the Norwegian Public Roads Administration carries out independently of road owners, for the entire transport system.

Construction (Bergen)

NPRA Construction is the division responsible for carrying out the NPRA’s major construction projects. In principle, these are projects larger than NOK 200 million.

Operations and Maintenance (Tromsø)

NPRA Operations and Maintenance is the division responsible for attending to the NPRA’s tasks as road owner on existing national roads, including national road ferry connections. This division also carries out smaller development projects, in principle projects under NOK 200 million.

IT (Drammen)

NPRA IT is the division that supports the NPRA's service production with secure, efficient and accessible IT services and deliveries to all units in the NPRA.

Shared Services and HR (Moss)

NPRA Shared Services and HR supports the NPRA’s service production by covering functions, services, tasks and deliveries to be supplied to all NPRA units.

In addition, the NPRA has around 70 Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices around the country. In administrative matters, the Directorate of Roads is the highest level of administration and the appellate authority for decisions made by individual NPRA divisions.

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