To access our online facilities, log in to Your Page via ID-porten using Bank ID on Mobile, BankID, Buypass or Commfides.

ID-porten is a joint log-in facility for online public services. By using electronic ID, you safely and securely confirm who you are when using online public services.

You cannot log in to Your Page using MinID

Your Page contains information and services that require the highest security level, and thus you cannot log in using MinID.

How to get an electronic ID

If you do not have an electronic ID you can read more about ordering one at

User support

Problems using electronic ID

If you have problems using your electronic ID you need to contact the organisation that is responsible for the ID solution you are using.

For BankID and BankID on Mobile, this is your bank. You can find the contact information for other ID solution providers at Digdir (

Questions about the use of our services on Your Page

Contact us if you have technical questions about the use of our self-service facilities.

Incorrect information about your vehicles

Contact us if you believe our information about your vehicles is incorrect.