In Your Profile you can see the information we have registered to your national ID number

Name and address

Names and residential addresses are retrieved from the National Registry. If you wish to change this information, you need to contact the National Population Register (Folkeregisteret) at the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Contact information

Contact information (mobile phone number and email address) that appears on Your Page comes from the Contact and Reservation Register. You can view and change your contact information at

Have you changed your contact information?

If you change your contact information after applying for a driving licence or submitting a Notification of Sale, notifications and information will not be sent to your new mobile number or email address. We are currently using the contact information that was entered when you applied for a driving licence or submitted a Notification of Sale.

We are working to improve this so that in time, Your Page will be using updated information from the Contact and Reservation Register when we send you notifications and other information.