This publication shows information about situations on or along roads that may cause delays or increased risk of accidents in traffic.

Roadworks, temporary traffic control measures such as closures, traffic accidents, storms, slides and floods are among the things that may affect traffic flow. Information we receive about such issues is continuously published as traffic messages in the DATEX II format. 


We publish traffic messages in a publication that covers the entire country. When you pass on this information, please quote the Norwegian Public Roads Administration as the source.

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Version 3.1:


The publication covers situations that may affect traffic on public roads in Norway.


The Norwegian Public Roads Administration receives, verifies and distributes continuous information about situations that may affect traffic. We indicate as precisely as possible the time from when an incident occurs and until the information is distributed, the geographical location of the incident, and the accuracy of the information content.


The publication contains information about all situations, ongoing and planned, that may affect traffic. The information comes from all over the country. 

If you are using the Traffic Information publication, you can use filters to limit the amount of information about a specific topic. This can be, for example, accidents, maintenance or conditions. You can read more about how filters can be applied in the DATEX specifications.