The webcam publication transmits updated images from roadside cameras. These provide an impression of traffic flow, weather and road surface conditions.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has deployed a number of webcams along the road network. They are mostly located in places with challenging weather, at ferry quays, mountain passes and in urban areas with heavy traffic.

The images from the cameras are updated with varying frequency. This has to do with the type of camera and how communication with the cameras is set up.

Some cameras are set up to alternate between different directions and lanes.  This means that they can change image details between updates.

Operation and maintenance

Many cameras are located in places with challenging weather conditions, and from time to time they may be out of service. This may be due to power outages, failed communication with the camera or other technical issues. It may take some time for the maintenance staff to find the error and correct it. Therefore, a camera may sometimes be out of service for a few days or it may show an old image.


The webcam publication provides access to all our webcams. When you pass on the information they provide, please quote the Norwegian Public Roads Administration as the source.

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  • Version 3.1:

Data protection

The webcams have been set up to provide users with an impression of the road and traffic situation, including issues such as congestion, weather and road surface conditions. The cameras do not take pictures of individuals, and it should not be possible to identify people or vehicle registration numbers in the photos.

Please contact us by email if you discover images where personal data are not sufficiently protected, or if you otherwise wish to comment on this service.