Fees are calculated as the average cost of carrying out one single action.

These calculations include three cost elements:

  • Staff
    The average time that the executive officer, inspector and others spend on a case, an approval procedure, an audit etc.
  • Costs related to IT systems
    A share of the system costs is divided by the number of cases per year. This share should reflect how much of the system is used for the fee-based service.
  • Other costs
    These include equipment, uniforms and clothing, postage (where applicable), supplies (such as vinyl for temporary number plates), production of driving licences, photo booths, signature pads, etc.

Fees for using our online services are lower, when these are available. The reduction in the fee for an online service corresponds to the time we save when the user does it himself.

When there is little time to be saved - for example, if we only save the time it takes to receive payment - the price reduction will also be small. If more of the case processing is digitalised, so that we save more time, the reduction will be larger.