All Ukrainian driving licences are valid for driving in Norway until further notice.

  • Validity in Norway applies to all Ukrainian driving licences.
  • The rules apply temporarily to all Ukrainians with a residence permit in Norway.
  • Ukrainian driving licences are valid for driving in Norway as long as Norway is offering temporary collective protection to Ukrainians.

Ukrainian driving licences that have expired are not valid for driving in Norway. If you wish to renew your expired driving licence, you should contact Ukrainian authorities.

However, first-time issued driving licences from Ukraine with limited terms of validity (probationary period) are still valid for driving in Norway even if they have expired. This follows from current EU rules, and only applies to driving licences issued for the first time (first-time issue).

Professional driver qualifications

Professional driver qualifications from Ukraine are not recognised in the EU/EEA. Professional drivers who have previously carried out national transport in Ukraine must undergo full training in order to work as professional drivers here.

If you are Ukrainian and come to Norway, your professional driver qualifications from Ukraine will thus not be recognised here. You will need to undergo basic training for professional drivers in Norway in order to obtain a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). This applies even if you normally carry out international transport.