Until further notice, you can drive in Norway with a valid Ukrainian driving licence. You need to carry your driving licence with you while driving.

Driving licences

You can drive in Norway with a Ukrainian driving licence if you have legal residency in Norway. This applies as long as Norway is offering temporary collective protection to Ukrainians.

Expired Ukrainian driving licences

You cannot drive in Norway with an expired Ukrainian driving licence. You need to contact Ukrainian authorities to renew your driving licence. 

Expired driving licences with limited terms of validity

However, you may drive with an expired Ukrainian driving licence in Norway if it is the first Ukrainian driving licence you have been issued (first-time issue) and it has limited validity (probationary period).

Professional driver qualifications

Norway recognises professional driver qualification cards issued by Ukraine. This only applies to you who have a Ukrainian Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and carry out or have been carrying out international goods or passenger transport by road. 

If you want to work as a professional driver in Norway, the following applies:

  • You must apply to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for permission to undergo complementary training, take a theory test and be issued a certificate of competence. There are currently no educational institutions in Norway that offer such complementary training.
  • You need to hold a driving licence with the licence categories you need for your CPC. Your driving licence and driving entitlements (licence categories) must be still valid.
  • If your driving licence was issued before 19 January 2013, you need to submit a health certificate along with your application. The health certificate is to document that you meet the health requirements for the licence categories you need. A health certificate must be obtained from a doctor.

If you have lost your Ukrainian professional driver qualification card, we may still be able to grant your application. This requires that Ukrainian authorities can confirm that

  • you have a valid Driver CPC / driver qualification card that was issued in accordance with Ukrainian national law
  • no other EEA country has issued you a Driver CPC with code 95.01
  • if you have a valid professional driver qualification card from another EU/EEA country, you can use this together with your Ukrainian driving licence, as long as the Norwegian government recognises Ukrainian driving licences

Read more about complementary training

The training must be provided by an approved training institution. LEARN AS is offering this at their educational institutions in Kristiansand, Tønsberg, Drammen and Oslo. Hønsen Sjåførskole AS does the same at Skedsmokorset outside Oslo.

The training consists of different topics and varies in content and length based on what you are going to transport:

  • Goods transport – minimum 55 hours
  • Passenger transport – minimum 50 hours
  • Both goods and passenger transport – minimum 57 hours

In addition, the training includes at least 2.5 hours of individual driving.

You may take the complementary training in other languages than Norwegian.

Read more about the theory test

When you have completed the complementary training, you must take a theory test. The test will be in Norwegian, but you may use an interpreter during the test. You must present valid proof of identity before taking the test and being issued a certificate of competence.

Issuing a Norwegian Driver CPC

Once you have passed the test, you will be issued a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence with the code "95.01 (max 06.03.2025)".

The CPC will be valid until 6 March 2025 but only as long as you are covered by the rules offering temporary collective protection in Norway for people displaced from Ukraine.

You will need to present a health certificate confirming that you meet the health requirements for the relevant licence categories. The health certificate must be valid beyond 5 March 2025.

If you are going to carry out passenger transport, you also need a PCV licence. This requires an application.