If your driving licence was revoked because of your health, it will not be reinstated until you have submitted a health certificate to the police.

You can obtain a health certificate from your doctor after an examination of your health. The certificate must not be more than three months old when you submit it. The length of validity of your new driving licence will be determined based on the date when the health certificate was issued.

Submit the police decision and your health certificate to us

Once your health has been approved, the police will send you a decision letter regarding the reinstatement of your driving licence. You need to visit your local Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon) to be issued with a new driving licence and to hand in the decision letter to us along with your health certificate.

Book an appointment at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office to avoid waiting time.

If the police have kept the original version of your health certificate, you can deliver a copy of it at the traffic station, but then it must be stamped by the police.

If the police demand that you take a theory test or practical driving test

If, in addition to submitting a health certificate, the police demand that you must take a theory test or practical driving test, your driving licence will not automatically be reinstated. 

If you need to undergo a driving assessment

If you are required to undergo a driving assessment, this must be approved before your licence can be reinstated.