When you upgrade your driving licence, your driving entitlements for categories that are lower than the new category will be reinstated on your licence.

If you need to take a test in order to get your driving licence back, you can instead upgrade your driving licence to include a higher category. You must then undergo training and testing in the higher category.

When you apply for the new category on Your Page, you will see what licence categories will be reinstated. You do not need to apply for these categories.

Example: Your driving entitlements for Categories B (passenger car), AM (moped), S (snowmobile) and C1 (light lorry) have been revoked. When the revocation period expires, you upgrade your driving licence with Category BE (passenger car with trailer).

  • Your driving entitlements for Categories B, AM and S will be reinstated because these are lower categories than BE.
  • Your driving entitlement for Category C1 will not be reinstated because this is a higher category than BE.

If at a later date you wish to reacquire Category C1, you must take the test that is required for this category.

The order of categories

Categories are ranked in the following order, from lowest to highest:

AM/S, T, A1, A2, A, B, BE, C1/D1, C1E/D1E, C, D, DE, CE.

Equal-level categories: AM and S; C1 and D1; C1E and D1E