If you have qualifications from another EEA state or Switzerland equivalent to a taxi driver CPC, you can apply for approval of these.

If you have qualifications (training or professional experience) from another EEA state or Switzerland that is equivalent to a CPC for taxi drivers, you can apply to have these qualifications approved.

You need to apply for approval of your qualifications using a designated application form.

Please send your application along with documentation of your training and professional experience to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen).

Examples of documentation include diplomas, certificates of completed apprenticeship or craft certificates, and letters of reference.

Documentation requirements

We only accept documentation in English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish. Documents issued in languages other than these must be translated into Norwegian or English.

We accept translations made by a Government Authorized Translator. You can find government authorized translators at Translatørportalen, the website of the Association of Government Authorized Translators in Norway (STF).

We also accept translations made by another professional translator in Norway or abroad, such as public service translators or embassies. You can find translators in Norway by searching the Brønnøysund Registers.

It must be specified in the documents who has translated them. If the submitted translations are not good enough, we may have to request a new translation.

You can apply for a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) licence if your qualifications are approved

If your qualifications are approved, you can enclose the approval letter as documentation that you have sufficient professional competence when you apply to the police for a PCV driving licence.