You can take the theory test at all the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices (trafikkstasjoner).

You need to hold a Category B driving licence before you can take  take the theory test for taxi driver CPC. You therefore do not need to reapply for a driving licence before you take the theory test.

You need to book an appointment to take the theory test at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

Book an appointment to take the theory test (Norwegian only)

What you need to remember

  • You need to present valid proof of identity at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.
  • If you have a driving licence from another EEA country, this must be presented.

About the theory test

You must take the theory test in Norwegian and answer 85 per cent of the questions correctly in order to pass.

The test consists of 35 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. The questions may be formulated as actual questions, as incomplete sentences that you must complete, or as statements that you must assess as right or wrong.

You take the theory test on a computer, and the result will be sent to you immediately after completing the test.

If you fail the test, you can find out which topics you answered incorrectly, but not the exact questions.

Do you have reading or writing difficulties?

You can apply for special needs assistance on your theory test, but you will not be allowed to use an interpreter.

How to prepare for the theory test

There is no mandatory training or special textbooks for the taxi driving test. Here are some ways to prepare:

This will help you understand and answer the questions you will be given at the test.