You can add or remove a co-owner of your vehicle yourself on Your Page.

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A vehicle cannot have more than two owners, one owner and one co-owner.

Add a co-owner

A co-owner that is added is considered an equal owner of the vehicle. This means that the co-owner may for example initiate the sale of the vehicle or make changes to its registration. In such cases, both the owner and the co-owner must consent to the sale or the changes.

When you add a co-owner on Your Page, the new owner will be notified by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to confirm the ownership. When a new co-owner has been added, there is in most cases a registration transfer fee to be paid after the co-owner has confirmed.

Read more about the registration transfer fee and who is eligible for an exemption, on the Norwegian Tax Administration’s website (opens in new tab).

Add a co-owner under the age of 18

As of today, you cannot use the self-service facility on Your Page to add a co-owner who is under the age of 18. If you want to add an underage co-owner, you and the new co-owner must visit a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office, along with a parent or guardian.

Remove co-owner

When you remove a co-owner, the co-owner must confirm that he/she is to be removed as the owner of the vehicle. If the insurance is registered to the co-owner, the vehicle will be left without insurance when the co-owner is removed. Therefore, be sure to take out new insurance in such cases.

You do not need to pay a registration transfer fee when you remove a co-owner.