Once the seller has submitted the Notification of Sale online, you as the buyer must confirm it in order to be registered as the new owner.

Confirm Notification of Sale Log in

If you as the buyer submitted the Notification of Sale, it is the seller who needs to confirm it. It is easy to confirm the Notification of Sale using our online facility, and in many cases even if the Notification of Sale was submitted on paper. We recommend that you do this together.

Before you confirm it

Remember that the seller needs your name, Norwegian national ID number/D number and mobile phone number in order to submit the Notification of Sale. If you are going to co-own the vehicle with another person, your co-owner also needs to be registered in the Notification of Sale. In such a case, the seller will also need the co-owner’s name, Norwegian national ID number/D-number and mobile phone number.

Remember to take out insurance on the vehicle from the date of effect. The date of effect is the day when the Notification of Sale is confirmed by all parties (buyer and any co-owners). If you have not taken out insurance within three days of the date of effect, you will be required to pay an omission fine for each day the vehicle is uninsured.

How to do it

  1. Check the seller’s proof of identity in order to verify that it is the seller’s name that is registered as the owner of the vehicle in the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC).
  2. You will receive an SMS when the seller has sent you the Notification of Sale for confirmation.
  3. Confirm the Notification of Sale on Your Page.
  4. The Notification of Sale is now registered in our systems. A confirmation of the transfer of ownership will be sent to your digital postbox.

Remember that if you have a co-owner, (s)he will also need to confirm the Notification of Sale in order for the transfer of ownership to be completed. If you do not confirm the Notification of Sale the seller will remain listed as the vehicle owner.

You do not have to have received the text message to confirm

If you do not receive the message, you can still log in to confirm the notification of sale.

The Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC)

Part 1 of the VRC is to accompany the vehicle, and should be destroyed when you receive a new VRC after the registration transfer. Part 2 of the VRC is to be kept by the seller and destroyed when the registration transfer has been completed.

Transfer of registration

Even though the Notification of Sale has been confirmed, and the change of ownership has been completed, you may not use the vehicle until it has been registered to you. Check this list to see what you as the buyer need to do to have the registration transfer completed.

Who can use the online facility?

In order to log in you need a Norwegian national ID number or a D number. The facility may be used by both private individuals and companies. In order to use the facility on behalf of a company you must have rights in Altinn  (Norwegian only).

If you are the buyer and under 18, you cannot submit the Notification of Sale online. You then need to submit the Notification of Sale on paper.