Once the Notification of Sale has been confirmed, you need to pay the registration transfer fee before you can use the vehicle.

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The following needs to be in place before you pay the registration transfer fee:

  • The vehicle must be insured. If you do not have insurance, you will be required to pay an omission fine for each day the vehicle is uninsured. Remember that insurance must be taken out in the name of the owner.
  • The vehicle must have passed the periodic roadworthiness test (“EU-test”).

It is only the buyer who can pay the registration transfer fee to the Norwegian Tax Administration on Your Page. If the parties have agreed that the seller should pay the fee, this cannot be done on Your Page.

How much is the registration transfer fee?

How much you will have to pay depends on the type, weight and age of the vehicle. You may in some cases be exempt from paying the registration transfer fee. Most exemptions are automatically granted in our facilities. New rates for the registration transfer fee will apply from 1 January every year.

You can find out what a registration transfer costs on the Norwegian Tax Administration's website. You can also contact the Norwegian Tax Administration if you have questions about the payment.
Read more about registration transfer on the Norwegian Tax Administration’s website Skatteetaten.no.

Do you need payment information for use in a bank or through online banking?

Please contact us for payment information:

Please note that such payment will not be updated in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s registers until after 2-3 business days.

Exemption from registration transfer fee

Spouses do not have to pay the registration transfer fee. This also applies if you are separated or divorced. If the divorce is finalised, you will have to apply to the Norwegian Tax Administration for an exemption before you submit the Notification of Sale. The exemption will then be automatically applied when you submit the Notification of Sale.
Cohabitants are not exempt from paying the registration transfer fee.

Inheritance between parents and children in connection with a deceased owner is also exempt from the registration transfer fee. Transferring ownership to children or other family members, however, is not exempt from the registration transfer fee (e.g. advancement of inheritance).

When will you get a new Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC)?

Once you have paid the registration transfer fee and the registration transfer has been completed, you can print out a temporary VRC from Your Page and start using your new vehicle. You will receive a new VRC by post within four to seven business days.

Have you bought a deregistered vehicle?

It is a good idea to check the registration status of the vehicle before you start using it. The vehicle may have been deregistered even if it has number plates on. If you find that the vehicle has been deregistered, you must remember to register the vehicle before you start using it. You can do this yourself on Your Page once the vehicle has valid insurance and all other conditions for registration are met.

Have you purchased a vehicle without number plates?

In order to use the vehicle, you must order number plates and the vehicle must be registered.

As a general rule, number plates that are handed in will be destroyed. You can order new number plates and have them sent to you by post if you register the vehicle on Your Page. You can also order number plates for pick-up at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon). You can then pick up the number plates without registering the vehicle.