You can deregister and re-register a vehicle yourself on Your Page whenever you wish.

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As from 12 September 2022, you are no longer required to hand in the number plates for a deregistered vehicle to a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon). You can deregister and re-register the vehicle on Your Page whenever you wish. You can also do it by visiting a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

If you have a seasonal vehicle or other vehicle that you will not be using for a period of time, you can save the cost of insurance and motor insurance tax by having the vehicle temporarily deregistered. A deregistered vehicle also does not need to undergo mandatory roadworthiness tests.

When you deregister your vehicle, both your vehicle liability insurance and the motor insurance tax are automatically cancelled. If you have other types of insurance, such as fire or theft insurance, we recommend that you contact your insurance company to clarify which insurance policies should still be active.

If you have recently registered the vehicle, you cannot deregister it again until more than 14 days have passed. It must thus have remained registered for at least 15 days before you can deregister it again. There is an exception if the vehicle was registered in connection with a change of ownership.

You cannot use your vehicle while it remains deregistered

When the vehicle has been deregistered, you must not use it. The vehicle will be uninsured and you can become financially liable if the vehicle is involved in an accident. Since the vehicle is uninsured, it is also important that you do not park it in public places or in other places where it can cause damage.

Even though you are no longer required to remove the number plates when the vehicle is deregistered, we recommend that you take them off or otherwise signal that the vehicle cannot be used. You also need to inform all users of the vehicle that it has been deregistered.

You can re-register your vehicle on Your Page

Once you have deregistered a vehicle yourself, you or another owner can re-register it on Your Page. Please note that you need to have valid insurance before the vehicle can be registered.

While the vehicle remains deregistered, you will not receive notifications about mandatory roadworthiness tests. If the deadline for passing a mandatory roadworthiness test expires during the period when the vehicle remains deregistered, it must be tested and approved for roadworthiness before you can re-register it.

Has your vehicle been deregistered by law enforcement?

The police, the Norwegian Customs, and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration are authorised to deregister vehicles. In such cases, the number plates will also be removed from the vehicle. For example, the vehicle may be deregistered if defects or deficiencies revealed in a roadside inspection have not been fixed and approved, or if “old” vehicle taxes owed have not been paid. The number plates may also have been removed by law enforcement due to an incomplete registration transfer.

If the number plates were removed due to a roadworthiness prohibition, you will have to pay a fee before you can collect the plates.

If your vehicle has had its number placed removed by law enforcement and you want to get them back and re-register the vehicle, you need to ensure that

  • the insurance is in order
  • your vehicle has passed the mandatory roadworthiness test (the “EU test”)
  • any other issues for which a prohibition has been issued have been sorted out.

If your number plates have been removed by law enforcement, they will be stored at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office for three months after they were removed from the vehicle. If you are wondering which Licensing Office is storing your plates, please contact us.

Permanent deregistration - scrapping

When a vehicle is scrapped, it will be permanently deregistered. When you scrap your vehicle at an authorised scrapyard, you will receive a vehicle scrap deposit from the Norwegian Tax Administration.