We intend to lead the way in the development of an efficient, safe, comprehensive and coherent transport system adapted to tomorrow’s needs and technology.

Our responsibility for national and European roads as well as for road users and vehicles makes the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) the most prominent participant in the road transport sector in Norway. Accounting for two thirds of all traffic, our national and European roads make up the main artery in the transport system, tying our country together. The NPRA is responsible for planning and building, operating and maintaining this part of the road network.

We take care of the big picture

The NPRA has a special responsibility for taking care of the big picture in the road sector. One of the ways we do this is through our national responsibility for emergency preparedness on the road. We also take care of the big picture by developing clear rules and standard specifications for smart transport and modern road construction, and these apply to all roads.

Through our work to supervise and inspect road users and vehicles, new technology and development of digital services, we will ensure that road users as well as businesses and industries have simple, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transport options.

Our service to society, tasks and responsibilities