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Statens hus (det gamle post- og bankbygget)
Vei 227 - 2
9170 Longyearbyen

Postal address:

Postboks 413
9171 Longyearbyen

Taking a car to the mainland

If you are a permanent resident of Svalbard and intend to use a vehicle registered in Svalbard in mainland Norway, you must notify the Tax Administration of its use and temporarily change the registration of the vehicle. Here is how to do it:

  1. Follow the link to report the use to the Norwegian Tax Administration. 
    Application for temporary use of vehicle registered in Svalbard (
  2. Bring the documentation you receive from the Tax Administration to Svalbard Licensing and Registration Office to change the registration of vehicle.

If others in your household are going to use the vehicle during the same period, they must report this use independently.

Book, change or cancel an appointment

For theory tests, you must book an appointment. For other visits to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office, book an appointment to avoid waiting.

Book an appointment

Change or cancel an appointment

You can change or cancel an appointment in our appointment booking service. To do so, you must state a reference number. You received the reference number when you booked your appointment.

Change or cancel appointment

Opening hours for the summer period

Svalbard Service Office is closed from 15 July to 2 August and from 12 August to 16 August.

Opening hours




Your requirements

You need to book an appointment to take the theory test.

Theory test for special needs candidates

You may apply for an assisted theory test (for special needs candidates) if you have reading or writing difficulties or otherwise have problems answering written questions.

Practical driving tests

Svalbard Licensing and Registration Office does not offer practical driving tests. If you are planning to take a driving test, you will have to do this at one of our Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices on the mainland.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration calls in vehicles in Svalbard for annual vehicle tests in the Governor of Svalbard's garage. Time and place for the vehicle test will appear in the notice from the NPRA.

Collecting number plates

Book an appointment for picking up number plates to avoid waiting time at the Licensing and Registration Office.

Handing in number plates

You can hand in number plates at the Licensing and Registration Office 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Sending number plates by post

You can send number plates to the Licensing and Registration Office’s postal address. They will then be deregistered from the date when you posted them.

Order temporary number plates

It is easy to order temporary number plates on Your Page.

Contact the Licensing and Registration Office

You cannot telephone or email the Licensing and Registration Office directly. See how you can contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Payment at the Licensing and Registration Office

At the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office you can pay in one of these ways:

  • Using a Norwegian bank card or Mastercard (contactless or with a PIN code)
  • Using a mobile phone or smartwatch for contactless payment

You cannot pay in cash or by Vipps.

Proof of identity

Remember to bring valid proof of identity when you visit the Licensing and Registration Office.

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