You need to apply for permission from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to put up an advertisement along a national road. For advertisements along.

Advertisements must not be put up along public roads without permission. Nor must advertisements or other devices be put up without permission on roadside slopes and ditches or on the roadway, sidewalks, pedestrian and cycle paths, central reservations, rest areas, footbridges, signage equipment and various road installations.

If you want to attach an advertisement for an enterprise to the building where the enterprise is operated, and the advertisement only shows the company name or type of enterprise, you do not need permission from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

What should your application contain?

The application must include information about:

  • The applicant
  • The property owner
  • Location
  • Nature, content, and design of the advertisement
  • Placement and duration of the advertisement

How to apply for permission

Fill out the application form for permission to put up advertisement (Norwegian only), and send it to us by e-mail to or by regular mail.

How your application will be assessed

Your application will be assessed on the basis of traffic safety, i.e. whether the advertisement represents a traffic hazard; for example by obstructing visibility or posing a risk of distraction at the location where it is to be placed.

Advertising may also be subject to application pursuant to other rules, such as the Planning and Building Act.