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The app is only available in Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk). Here you can download the app "Førerkort”

Roadside inspections

If you are stopped for inspection, you need to present a valid driving licence. You can choose whether you want to carry your digital or physical driving licence when driving. It is not necessary to carry both versions.

If yo use your digital driving licence, you must ensure that you have enough battery life on your mobile phone to last throughout the drive, and the screen must be readable.

A digital driving licence is valid as proof of identity if you are stopped for inspection along the road. You should not expect that it will be accepted as proof of identity in other situations.

Valid only in Norway

Your digital driving licence is only valid in Norway. If you are going abroad, you still need to bring your physical driving licence.

Who can get a digital driving licence?

In order to use a digital driving licence

  • you need to have a valid Norwegian driving licence
  • you need to have a bank-card-sized driving licence
  • your photo must be digitally stored with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
  • you need to be registered as a resident of Norway.

The app will tell you if you cannot activate a digital licence, and also what you need to do to be able to use it.

If you have ordered a new driving licence recently, you may have to wait a few days before the digital licence will work. Your driving licence card must be manufactured before you can use the digital licence.

Different lengths of validity?

Your digital driving licence reflects your physical licence. This means that if you have driving entitlements for categories that have not been entered on your physical licence, they will not be displayed in your digital licence either. You can log in to Your Page to see all your driving entitlements (licence categories). In order to make all categories visible on your driving licence, you need to renew your physical driving licence.

Does the length of validity on your physical driving licence exceed the length of validity on your digital licence? The reason is that there are new rules for the renewal of driving licence so that your licence is no longer valid until the day you turn 100. Your driving licence must be renewed before 1 January 2033. If you turn 80 before 2033, you need to renew your driving licence by the day before you turn 80. When your licence has been renewed, both your physical and your digital driving licence will be updated with new dates of expiry.

Technical requirements

A digital driving licence can only be used on one telephone at a time. iPhones need iOS version 9.0 or newer. Androids need version 6.0 or newer.