Make your driving licence available on your mobile phone, and leave your physical licence at home when you drive in Norway.

If you are going abroad, you still need to bring your physical driving licence.

A digital driving licence is valid as proof of identity if you are stopped for inspection along the road. You should not expect that it will be accepted as proof of identity in other situations.

If you use your digital driving licence when you are driving, you must ensure that you have enough battery life on your mobile phone to last throughout your drive, and the screen must be readable.

Download the app

The “Førerkort” app is only available in Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk).You can download it here:

Technical requirements

You can only use your digital driving licence on one telephone at a time.

For version 2 of the app, your phone must as a minimum have iOS version 15 or Android version 10.0.

You need to log in to the app

You must log in to the app via "ID-porten" the first time you use it. After that, we will ask you to log in via "ID-porten" once a year.

This is an extra security procedure we have introduced, and you will not be able to use the app until you have logged in again.

Your digital driving licence reflects your physical licence

If some of your driving entitlements (licence categories) are missing in your digital driving licence, it is because they have not been entered on your physical licence. You can log in to Your Page to see all your driving entitlements.

If you want to have all your entitlements visible on your digital driving licence, you need to renew your physical driving licence.

Are the lengths of validity different on your physical and your digital driving licence?

On 1 January 2013, new rules were introduced whereby driving licences are no longer valid until the age of 100.

If your driving licence was issued before this date, your physical and your digital driving licence will have different expiry dates.

Requirements applying to those who want a digital driving licence

If you want a digital driving licence,

  • you need to have a valid Norwegian physical driving licence
  • you need to have a bank-card-sized driving licence
  • your photo must be digitally stored with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration
  • you need to be registered as a resident in Norway

The app will tell you if you cannot activate a digital licence. You will also be told what you need to do in order to use it.

The app can display a temporary driving permit

If you already have a digital driving licence when you order a new physical licence, the "Førerkort" app will display a temporary driving licence. You can use this if you are stopped for inspection. The temporary driving permit is valid for one month.

If you do not already have a digital driving licence and have just ordered a physical driving licence, you can only use the digital driving licence once your physical driving licence has been produced. In such case you will not find a temporary driving permit in the app.

The "Førerkort" app can be used for verification

How to verify your information in the app

If you need to let others verify that the information in your digital driving licence is correct, you can let them scan the QR code in the app.

Once the QR code has been read, you will be asked on your phone if you will allow them to see updated driving licence information about you. They will then be able to see your photo, name, date of birth, driving licence number, licence categories and codes, as well as the dates of issue and expiry.

They can view this information on their phone for up to five minutes or until they close the display.

How to verify driving licences held by others, on behalf of a company or organisation

In order to verify someone’s driving licence, you need to have a role that allows you to act on behalf of the company in Altinn. 

If your company rents out vehicles, you are responsible for checking that anyone who rents a vehicle has a valid driving licence for the right category. You can now use their digital driving licence to scan and verify their driving licence information on behalf of a company.

When you request permission to verify a digital driving licence, the holder of the licence will only see the name of the business you represent, not your name.