You can apply for number plates with a combination of letters and numbers of your own choice if you are at least 18 years old and own a vehicle.

Check if the number plate combination is available and apply for use

You can apply for personalised number plates for use on all types of vehicles. The number plate must have at least 2 letters or numbers, excluding spaces, but a maximum of 6 or 7 characters, including spaces. The size of the plate determines how many letters or numbers it can have. 

  • Passenger cars and motorhomes can have up to 7 letters and numbers. Spaces are included in the letters/numbers.
  • Caravans, mopeds, motorcycles, tractors, trailers, US plates, large/tall and small plates for cars can have up to 6 letters and numbers. Spaces are included in the letters/numbers.

To apply, you must be at least 18 years old and own a vehicle. The vehicle cannot have a co-owner. You can also apply for personalised plates on behalf of a business you represent.   

How to obtain personalised plates

  1. Check if the letter and number combination you want is available
  2. Apply for the use of this combination  
  3. Wait for an answer to whether the letter and number combination may be used
  4. Pay NOK 9000
  5.  Order the number plates on Your Page
  6.  Link the number plate combination to the vehicle 

Once you have paid for the personalised plates, you cannot change the character combination or get your money back. If you do not pay within the deadline of 30 days, the character combination will be released and others may apply for it. 

New plates must have the same size as the regular ones 

The new personalised plates must be of the same size and type as the regular plates for the vehicle you are going to use them on. For example, if you want to use personalised plates of the American size (“US plates”), your car must be approved for the use of such plates. In other words, if your car has a regular-sized number plate, you cannot use American-sized personalised plates. 

Hold the right of use for ten years

You will be holding the right of use for the number plate combination for ten years. You cannot end it sooner.

If you wish to retain the right beyond this, you must apply to renew the right no later than one month before it expires (and no earlier than three months before).  

Collect your number plates at a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon).

You will be notified by SMS or email when your plates are ready, and you can book an appointment to pick them up. You will also receive a permit that confirms your right to use the plates. You must always carry this permit with you while driving.  

Switch to ordinary plates when driving outside of Norway

You will remain in possession of your ordinary number plates also after receiving your personalised number plates. If you are going to drive in countries other than Norway, we recommend that you change back to your ordinary number plates. 

The use of personalised number plates

You need to link your personalised number plate to the vehicle where you are using it. You can link the plate to the vehicle or move it to another vehicle on You Page.

If you are going to sell your vehicle, you must remember to remove the link to your personalised number plate combination. You will retain the right of use for the personalised number plates and may use it on another vehicle. 

If you wish to transfer the plates to another person, please contact us. As a general rule, personalised plates cannot be transferred.

Positioning of characters on tall plates/US-plates

Tall personalised plates can have a maximum of six letters and numbers, including spaces. It can have up to three letters and numbers in the top line, and up to three letters and numbers in the bottom line.

The first letter or number will be placed to the left in the top line. After three characters, the numbers and letters will continue in the bottom line. If you want three characters or less on the plate, they will be placed in the top line.



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