You can apply for small number plates/”US plates” for your car if there is not enough space to attach the regular number plates.

You can only apply for small number plates if

  • there are physical factors relating to the vehicle that make it difficult to attach and use standard-sized number plates
  • standard-sized number plates interfere with normal use of the car 

In principle, purely aesthetic reasons are not sufficient to be assigned small number plates.

How to apply

You apply by filling in the application form Søknad om tildeling av lite/US-skilt til bil (Norwegian only) and sending it to us along with photos of the car. The photos will allow us to assess whether your vehicle meets the conditions for being assigned and using small number plates/”US plates”.

Photo criteria:

  • Photos must be of high resolution
  • Photo of the vehicle from a front/rear oblique angle
  • Photo showing the designated space for the number plate
  • Photo of chassis number/ VIN

If the car is found to be eligible for small plates / “US plates”, you can visit a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office to get new plates. First, check if the Licensing Office stocks the desired plate size or if they need to be ordered first.

Book an appointment for picking up number plates to avoid waiting time at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.


The price for two number plates is NOK 120 and the price for one number plate is NOK 60.

Delivery time

If the plates need to be ordered, it will take from two to five business days before you can collect your new plates at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

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