Are your number plates damaged or hard to read, or have you bought a deregistered vehicle? Then you can order new number plates yourself on Your Page.

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You will receive an SMS from us when you can collect your new plates at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office. It takes two to five business days. Your new number plates will have the same registration number as the old ones, and you need to hand in your old plates before you can be issued with new ones.

Have you purchased a vehicle without number plates?

In order to be issued with number plates, the registration transfer for the vehicle must be completed.

  • If the seller handed in the number plates to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon) for storage less than six months ago, you can collect them from the Licensing Office where they were handed in.
  • If the plates were handed in for storage more than six months ago, you will have to order new number plates.

Prices of number plates

Prices will vary somewhat depending on the size of the plates and the type of vehicle the plates are for.

  • A set of two number plates costs NOK 120.
  • One number plate costs NOK 60.

Order small plates/”US plates”

You can also apply for small number plates/”US plates” for your car if there is not enough space to attach the regular number plates.

Do you have a veteran, vintage or classic vehicle?

If you have a car with the type of number plate used before 1971, with one letter or six numbers in the registration number, we cannot provide you with such plates. If you need replacement plates and would like them to have the original size, you will need to order them directly from a manufacturer of such plates.  

If you import a car that was manufactured in 1970 or earlier, or registered for the first time before 1 April 1971, and wish to have original-sized plates, you will have to order these yourself. Also remember to contact us for the correct registration of your car, and make sure that the plate number you want (the character combination) is not in use or has not been used on other vehicles in the Central Register of Motor Vehicles.

If you have a plate type that is from 1971 or newer, you can order new number plates from us. If you order from us, please note that the plates will not look like the originals. They will have today’s design. If you have a vehicle that is more than 30 years old, you can also use number plates with the original design. You will have to order these directly from a manufacturer.

No extra plates for bicycle racks

You cannot order an additional plate for your bicycle rack. If you are going to drive with a bicycle rack on your car so that it covers the number plate, the registration number needs to made visible by other means. You have to make sure the registration number of your car is displayed in black, on a durable plate. The plate must be white or aluminium. You can make it yourself, or buy one from a dealer.

Not possible to order plates on Your Page?

If it is not possible to order number plates on Your Page, you can send us an email, or book an appointment to visit a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office (trafikkstasjon) (Norwegian only).